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Public Car Park, Helmsdale

Scrabster Harbour Lay Down Area.

Laying of new Caithness Flagstone floor

New Caravan Site Entrance, Culloden.

Stagecoach Bus Garage, Thurso.

Demolition and site clearance

Concrete shuttering

Wind Farm at Wathegar, Caithness.

Tidal Works, Scrabster

Recent Projects

Parcel Force, Inverness

Gow Groundworks was sub-contracted by Kingsway Contractors to carry out drainage and resurfacing works at Parcel Force, Inverness.  

New House Site, Killin

Gow Groundworks completed drainage, foundation and concrete floor in Killin for a new house    

Resurfacing, Raigmore Hospital

Gow Groundworks was sub-contracted by Kier Construction to carry out resurfacing works at the entrance to Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

Mast downtakings, Scotland

Gow Groundworks was sub-contracted by Balfour Beatty to take down telephone masts across Scotland and reinstate the area.  They carried More…